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EINSTEIN by Polkast – Available Today for Public Preview

EINSTEIN by Polkast – New, High-Security Private Cloud for Business – Available Today for Public Preview

Connects mobile devices directly to Windows Servers – Saving Big Money on Cloud Storage Fees

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Laguna Beach, CA – January 30, 2014 – Polkast announced today that Einstein, the first major B2B release of the private cloud company, is available as a free trial on the Polkast website.

Polkast has ended months of anticipation for Einstein, the high-security private cloud that connects Windows Servers directly to mobile devices. With more than 50 targeted business features, Polkast Einstein enables content and mobile device management for an affordable price. Key features include remote file access, permissioned sharing, on-premise file storage, remote wipe capabilities, centralized

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IT control, and a live-feed of file usage. Polkast Einstein is offered as a 30-Day Free Trial, with a one-time purchase price starting at only $499 after the trial. Server download is available on the Polkast website (polkast.com) and mobile download is available via Apple, Google Play, and Amazon (pending) App Stores.

Einstein is a welcome addition to the IT ecosystem. It’s easy-share technology removes the pain of Sharepoint, while eliminating the security risk of public clouds like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive.

And Einstein’s introductory offer is only one-tenth (1/10th) the cost of Box!

Don’t change what you’re doing – that’s the best part about Polkast. You still have all your stuff, you still own it, and then Polkast comes in and extends the reach of your content so you have more options. It gives you the freedom to store, access, and share everything, without disrupting current operations or messing with your security framework. The convenient manner in which you can enable your users while maintaining the integrity of your architecture is very appealing!” –Timothy Joyce, CTO, iNETWORKS Group

Security. Businesses use Einstein as an answer to NSA PRISM. It allows them to gain control and regulate policy over confidential data. Unlike public clouds like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive, files remain on-premises and approved devices and applications, never on the internet.

Simplicity. Einstein takes two minutes to setup on the server, and users can be fully functional with the click of a button. No syncing devices. No uploading files. And it’s much easier to use than Sharepoint.

Savings. There are two big opportunities for savings. Einstein allows companies to take advantage of existing hardware by turning Windows legacy systems into a robust private cloud. Businesses can also reduce reliance on public cloud solutions like Box and Dropbox, resulting in significant savings.


“We had a few companies preview Einstein over the holidays, and they were impressed! Some of these guys are so looking forward to Einstein, they have already downgraded their Box accounts by a hundred GBs or so, in anticipation of the Einstein release. It’s really going to save people a TON of money!” – Hong Bui, CEO and Founder, Polkast

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About Polkast.
Polkast is a private cloud company that delivers file sharing, file access, and mobile content solutions for individuals and businesses. Users can set up their own private cloud to access their computer or server directly, without having to save files on the internet. It is a highly secure platform that meshes with existing workflows and enhances productivity, while giving users complete control over their content. For more information: www.polkast.com.

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Mac update!

Mac users, check out our latest software release. We’ve been in public beta while we enhanced our integration with iPhoto – a critical feature for almost all Mac users. iPhoto is tricky, and we have to extract the data to display in a way that makes sense. Now your photos and videos from your iPhoto albums are organized and easily accessible through Polkast.

Speaking of Mac users, I just read that iCloud has 85 million users – wow! Personally, I only use iCloud for calendar, contacts and bookmarks sync (it works most, not all, of the time). But even if you do use iCloud for files, Polkast can be complementary, for access to the rest of your files — the hundreds of gigabytes you have on your Mac. All of your photos, videos, documents, etc. would blow past the 5GB storage limit and take forever to upload to the cloud.

Polkast is also similar to Apple’s Airdrop, but we let you share files with anyone, even extending beyond your local network and outside of Apple devices. We’re cross-platform, so if you have a Mac you can still share files with people on Windows and Android. It’s especially great for large files.

Download the latest Mac OS version of Polkast here

Seagate and ZyXEL show Polkast at CES

We’re having a great time at CES!

Hong has done some video interviews with Scobleizer and techpodcasts. And a couple of very prestigious device manufacturers are showing off the future of the personal cloud with Polkast:

Congratulations to our friends at Seagate and Verizon Wireless – their prototype mobile wireless storage drive was a finalist in Best of CES 2012. Seagate is using Polkast for remote access and sharing on the device. Stop by the Verizon Pavilion in South Hall 3 and ask about Polkast on the Seagate protoype.

For the in-home entertainment network, we are showing Polkast running on ZyXEL’s Media Server NSA300 series. You may have seen our announcement. That’s also a pre-commercial version; we will launch with ZyXEL at CeBIT in March.

Media storage drives are a great solution for consumers who have large media libraries and want to share files across multiple computers and mobile devices. That’s way too much content to upload to a cloud storage service – it would take too long and cost too much. With Polkast, your media storage device becomes the center of your personal cloud.

Come see us at the Eureka Park Tech Zone, booth 74211, at the Venetian.

PC-to-PC is Here!

UPDATE: We now support PC-to-PC on all Windows homebase apps. The PC-to-PC feature is reserved for Polkast Pro subscribers.

We’re really excited to be announcing our Pro version of Polkast with PC-to-PC support. First we gave you direct access to your computer from your mobile phone or tablet. Now Polkast also connects your computers directly, so you can access files stored on your home computer directly from your work PC, and vice versa. That’s a big step forward in our mission to connect all your devices into your own personal cloud.

The PC-to-PC feature is available first on our Windows version. That means you can view files on other computers — including Macs– from your Windows PC. (We’ll upgrade the Mac OS X within a couple of months.) To get the PC-to-PC Access feature now, simply download the latest version of our Windows software, update your mobile apps and click on the Upgrade to Pro button in the mobile app under Settings/Account.

PC-to-PC is a great feature for users who like to keep their work lives and their personal lives separate. Instead of keeping personal files on your work PC in case you need something, our PC-to-PC product will let you simply access that personal file right from your work PC without having to download and store it. We’ll even save any changes you make to your personal file from your work PC back to your home computer. And because we create a direct connection, we give you access to all the files on your computer – not just the ones you remembered to upload to some cloud storage solution.

Another big plus is that you don’t need to store multiple copies of everything on each of your computers like with sync software, so you can be much more efficient with your storage space. And files can be previewed without having to be downloaded. So if you’ve already got limited hard drive space or you don’t want the hassle of syncing with a group shared folder, preview everything, download only what you need.

PC-to-PC is a great solution for anyone needing to share large files like designers, photographers and videographers. It’s a pain having to go through the time-consuming process of uploading files via 3rd party providers, then having the client download the file. Polkast lets you share the file with the client directly. The client can preview files without having to download them.

As a thank you for your support, all current registered users will be grandfathered into the service and will be able to upgrade to the Pro version for free, for life. Starting in June, new Polkast users can upgrade to Pro inside the Polkast application for $4.99 per month or $49.99 with a year subscription.