A New Kind of P2P for Music

Music may well be a killer app for the peer-to-peer personal cloud segment. Yes, I remember Napster, et al., and no, I’m not talking about peer-to-peer file sharing. I’m talking about a private peer-to-peer connection between your computer and mobile devices for access to 100% of your content. You know, Polkast.

Today we launched Polkast Music. You may be wondering why we built a separate music app, since the original Polkast app covers all content types. When we set about enhancing the music features on the original Polkast app, we realized that the music listening experience is different from other file access and merits its own streamlined user experience.


Almost everyone I know (well, anyone above the age of 30) has more music stored on their computer than they can sync to their phone. Our music library competes with photos, videos and apps for limited storage space. So we end up making playlists with a subset of favorites, and listening to the same music over and over until we find the time to plug in and sync again.

Polkast MusicPolkast Music reconnects you to your entire iTunes music collection – all of those CDs you spent weeks ripping a decade ago when you first got your iPod, all those digital downloads you’ve bought since. No more worries about syncing playlists or storage limits.

Unlike sync apps, which are limited by device storage capacity, the Polkast Music app for iOS and Android plays music directly from your computer: any song, any album, any iTunes playlist, on demand, over the air (WiFi or cellular). You can create new playlists on the fly, for whatever mood strikes you. Fetch music even when remote, and cache songs, albums and whole playlists locally for offline enjoyment.

Polkast Music is a great example of how content-specific apps can be built on top of Polkast’s secure personal cloud platform, sharing one unified homebase application on the desktop. App developers stay tuned – we’re going to open up our API so you can add direct file access to your mobile apps.

We’re celebrating the launch of Polkast Music by offering the app on sale — only $0.99 one time fee for the download. Get it while it’s hot!

6 comments on “A New Kind of P2P for Music

  1. Uh…did you jump the gun a little on your email blast for Polkast Music? There’s a link to the Google Play store, but it doesn’t go to a valid page. Also, a search on Google Play doesn’t turn up Polkast Music at any price, let alone 99 cents. I’d love to use it, but….

    • Carolynne Schloeder on said:

      We’re sorry about that. After we sent the email, we found a connectivity issue in the Android app (it wasn’t possible to pause the scheduled email batches). We pulled the app temporarily, and it’s back now. The timing was really unfortunate! We hope you and all of our users will forgive us :-)

      Polkast Music is on sale for only $0.99 until Oct 15, then the price goes up. If you buy it now, you’ll get all the app updates as we add features and fixes.


  2. The app keep saying that I need to update my polkast installation on my nsa310 to use polkast music. It is up to date, so I am getting in doubt – does polkast music depend on a normal computer? If so, when can I expect it to be working from my NAS.

    • Carolynne Schloeder on said:

      Hi, ZyXEL is processing a Polkast update which supports music – hopefully it will be out this week. Sorry the release timing was off. The music app will work, please just wait for the Polkast homebase update through ZyXEL. Sorry again and thanks for your patience

  3. Adrian Constantin on said:

    Hi , I’ve got the paid Polkast music app and it doesn’t work with Zyxel NSA310.
    Polkast version on NSA310 is 001zypkg0105. Please help!

    Thank you!

    • Carolynne Schloeder on said:

      Hi Adrian, that’s the latest version, it should support music. Could you please email support@polkast.com so they can investigate? Thanks for writing

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