Multi-Device Photo Editing with Polkast

Polkast is a secure peer-to-peer personal cloud platform that lets you move your content effortlessly between all of your own devices. Now we’re adding features that let you do stuff with the content. In October it was Polkast Music. This week we released photo editing, integrating Aviary’s Photo Editor, the Cadillac of photo editing.

What makes Polkast photo editing unique is that, for the first time ever, you can grab any photo from your computer, edit, save back and share. We make a new copy, the original is untouched. Apply filters, fun stickers, drawings and captions, crop, resize, auto-correct, etc.  You’re not limited to the photos you took on your mobile, and you don’t have to hassle with syncing photos between devices.  Your edited copies are saved back to your computer automatically. Plus you can share on Facebook or privately through Polkast.

I have a ton of photos on my iPhone but not on my iPad. With Polkast I just upload the iPhone photos directly into iPhoto on my Mac (or your photo folders on Windows), over the air. Then I can instantly see them on my iPad — and now enhance and creatively edit them on the comfort of my couch.

We also enhanced our music section. Now you can listen to albums continuously, and any songs you play are automatically cached for offline listening. If you’re really into music and have a large collection, you should still check out the separate Polkast Music app. That gives a streamlined user experience and seamless integration with playlists. No syncing required, enjoy any song/album/playlist in your collection, whenever the mood strikes.

Be sure to update your iOS apps now. The Android update will be out in a couple of weeks in Google Play and the Amazon app store.

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    Nice photo editing

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