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Business Travelers

Always Entertained

As a frequent business traveller, often to countries without a lot of English TV channels, and someone who loves his iPad but doesn’t like iTunes, I wanted a quick and easy way to get audio and video on

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my iPad. Before leaving for a trip, I load up my iPad with a selection of audio and video from my growing collection, takes just minutes over WiFi. And no worries if I forget, I can connect to my NAS from anywhere and download what I want. No more having to watch the odd news channel trying to pick out the odd word in Italian. I can settle down to watch my favourite movie or TV show. – Dan Robson

No Pre-Planning

I love my polkast…I travel to see my mother and family in the UK, I often combine a work visit with a personal one. With Polkast on my home server I can easily share videos and photos of my children and family here in the USA in real time with brothers and sisters in the UK. I don’t worry which ones have I loaded on to my laptop, or if any good photos or video have been stored there by my my wife after I left – and we can look at dozens of them (hundreds!) quickly and easily. If I left files I need for work I can simply “grab” them over Polkast too…I never have to worry I forgot something. No size restrictions, I use my own server with over 2TB of space. Speed is great, user interface is simple and quick. Oh and I can stream my

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own music without “syncing” all the time! Phil Hunt, Adaptive Wireless Solutions

Stays Connected to Home

I am a truck driver. I’m always on the road, and I have a lot of movies, music and documents on my home PC. When I have my day off and want to see a movie, it is very simple to access it from my home PC with my Android device. When I drive all night, I use Polkast to listen to my music, anything I’m in the mood for. I can also see what’s happening at home, like kindergarden photos from my son, or school clips from my daughter. They just put all the stuff they want to share with me on my PC and voila! And who need to keep all his stuff on his limited memory devices when

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we have Polkast? Delete it, and if you want them back, just access again. — Omeo Hutanu

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