On-premises security with cloud mobility ™

Music, Files, and Videos

Polkast is a personal cloud service: your own devices become the cloud.

Polkast connects your mobile devices and computers directly, giving you secure access to all of your files from any of your devices. You keep control of your content, there are no storage limits or storage costs, and no additional hardware to buy. When your devices are on the same local network, Polkast connects directly over WiFi, so you get lightning fast file transfer.

We built Polkast to serve consumers and business users who have multiple (smaller) devices — especially tablet users, who expect easy access to their content. Managing content scattered across devices is a hassle, and cloud storage is not cost-effective for the huge content libraries now common in our digital society. It makes more sense to connect the devices directly. You don’t have to think about what to upload to the cloud, or even remember where you stored the file. You always have access to

any file stored on any of your computers.

Polkast is super fast, secure, direct connection between your computers and mobile devices for anytime access to virtually unlimited storage.

Our Inspiration

We have to admit that a tiny part of our inspiration for Polkast came from not wanting to get off the couch. Let us explain.

Ever since the tablet revolution hit we’ve been loving our new iPads and tablets. All this new technology is making our lives better and easier. With one exception.

These days, if you have a computer, a laptop, a tablet and a smart phone, moving files from one device to the next
all the time is a daunting and frustrating task. The solutions for getting your computer files onto your mobile devices are still way too complicated, costly and incomplete. Frankly, it was giving us a headache.

Your Situation

Forget about the think, sync and wait approach to multiple device file access.

Situation #1: You don’t want to carry every device you own everywhere you go!

You are planning on being out and about and you want to

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access your files on the go, but

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first you have to think (meaning you’ll have to choose in advance which files you think you’ll need). Then you have to sync. Then you have to wait. And you’ll have to repeat that cycle every time you want to add more files to your mobile devices. Think, sync, wait. Think, sync, wait. All that before you’re free to leave the house (or work).

Situation #2: You don’t want to leave the couch (ever)!

You just settled onto the couch to show your friends your vacation videos on your iPad, and you realize the videos you want to watch are on your computer, not your iPad. You’ll need to think, sync and wait again.

Situation #3: The boss does not know you are away from the office!

You’re at a store or a personal appointment when your boss asks you to send a file urgently. But the file is on your computer in the office… where you’re supposed to be. Uh-oh!

Our Mission: We believe you shouldn’t have to think, it should all just be there. Not certain files, but all of your files. And no waiting. No way. Just instant access to everything on your computer.

The Innovation

The Polkast team developed software that allows your mobile devices to connect directly to your computer content, creating your own personal network across all of your mobile devices. It’s free because we built it on the computers, storage and bandwidth you already own.

No cost, no limitations.

Using Polkast, just like having all your computer files on your mobile devices, able to browse or search through thousands of files to access the one you need instantaneously anytime, anywhere. And you can use Polkast to send a file from your home computer without actually having it on your device.

All your stuff, all the time…on all your mobile devices! Woohoo!

And since everyone on our team is a fanatic about simplicity, we made it so easy that all you need to do is download Polkast and login to begin “polkasting” your content to and from your computer and mobile devices automatically.

Now you don’t have to lug your laptop with you everywhere. Just tuck your iPad under your arm and go. Or get all of your content in the palm of your hand with your smart phone. And you never have to get off the couch! With Polkast you’re always connected.

Polkast Connects the Dots in Your Digital Life

As consumer software veterans with over two decades of experience developing cutting-edge software solutions for companies like Apple, Amazon and JavaSoft, we took everything we learned over the years and applied it to bring you Polkast. It’s pretty cool.

We’re really excited about it. Hopefully you will be too. Check it out and let us know.

We’d love to hear your stories and ideas. Drop us an email (feedback@polkast.com) !

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