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Before Polkast, I was always running out of space on my iphone and had to spend time deciding what I could keep and what I could remove from the phone. The problem is that I would end up putting the same stuff back onto my phone it was constant merry go round that was extremely frustrating.

I purchased a NAS drive that allows Polkast to be installed and removed the need to spend hours transferring media to and from my phone. Now I can access my media through Polkast pretty much anywhere. I always have the right music on hand when I need it, and I can watch movies wherever I am logged onto a WiFi network. I love my personal cloud.

David Wellington

Music Everywhere

I use Polkast every day! I have a fairly large collection of music on my NAS, which has the Polkast homebase installed. I listen to the music from my phone (plugged into the truck stereo) on the way to and from work. At work I listen to my music almost all day. While I’m out camping in the RV, I use either my phone plugged into the onboard stereo or via headset on my tablet. Having Polkast has eliminated the need for add-on SD cards entirely! No more syncing the SD cards with my music when I get something new. I simply add the songs to my NAS and enjoy the music wherever I go! It has saved me a lot of time and energy not having to copy the music to all my devices.


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Music While Working

I can now sit at my desk at work and access my entire music collection via the Polkast iPhone app. It makes my days in the office almost enjoyable. I’d say it has also saved me a fortune since I don’t need a phone with the highest capacity to hold all my music!

- R.J. Toon

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