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At Home

Multiple Devices. One House.

We scrapbookers come with tons of baggage and gadgets. The piles of stuff quickly take over and before you know it, you have stuff all over the house, and you need it ALL.

I turned my formal living room and dining room into a craft room, but still I don’t have enough space, so my computer and electronic cutter are in the bedroom upstairs — the furthest point from the craft room. You can’t imagine how many trips to the bedroom you need to make while trying to complete a project. After a few trips you end up frustrated and fed up with the ordeal and that defeats the purpose of having a hobby.

When I discovered Polkast it was the answer to my prayers! Now I can be in my craft room and with my iPad I can

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drill into the pictures that are in another room, create my layouts and print them whenever I’m ready to finalize my page. This tool has made my hobby more enjoyable and will highly recommend it to anyone trying to manage access to multiple electronic devices.

– Eydie Thurston

Kids’ Tablets. No Worries.

Polkast is how I make it possible for my kids to really utilize their tablets. The tablets are not the top-of-the-line, but they can run Polkast and then I can stream video and audio from my home server directly to them. No worries about SD cards disappearing, files getting erased on the tablets, etc. It just works.

David J. Ellingson

No More Melt Downs!

We love Polkast. My 7-year old son has Asperger’s Syndrome, and any change in routine can cause a huge melt down. Polkast has helped us with this. My husband’s computer is our server computer, all our other devices are linked to it. With Polkast, if I forget to transfer a book or movie to one of the mobile devices, I can grab it on the go. Since the tablet has limited space, Polkast is a life saver. Now my son can just stream his audio books when we are in the car or at a friend’s. If he wants to watch a movie that was not already on the tablet or cell, we stream it. No more melt downs!

Tiffany Henderson

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