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Hello, Amazon Cloud Drive. Meet Polkast.

Hello, Amazon Cloud Drive. Meet Polkast.

Last week, app developer Peter Nixey had a fantastic blog post that

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articulated some of the key issues faced by photo lovers ‘round the world. He (and many others) seem pretty frustrated with mobile photo management and cloud storage on iPhoto…and we have

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to agree with him, it’s not the best. He even told Apple that if they don’t get their act together, the competition is going to swoop in and steal the show.

He’s right. This week, Amazon’s new Cloud Drive

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showed up on the scene and we have to give them props for a job well done. At first glance, the Amazon Cloud Drive seems like a solid solution to many of the issues faced by photo enthusiasts.

So why are we talking about Amazon’s new Cloud Drive? Well, Amazon’s approach with this product is consistent with the latest trends in mobile user experience. And while Amazon has a good product, it isn’t going to be the best solution for everyone….particularly for people who are more than just photo ‘enthusiasts’. And that seems like something we should address.

What People Want.

Overall, mobile users are crying out that there just isn’t enough space on their phones. Photos are big files and people take a lot of them. They are looking for new ways to expand storage on their phones, and at the same time they want a way to keep their photos both organized and accessible across multiple devices. Mobile users want access to all images, all the time, on all devices.

Or as Peter Nixey put it, he wants to sort and edit his photos ‘while I’m sat on the loo’. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

The truth is that Amazon’s Cloud Drive answers many of these needs, but they (like other cloud platforms) decided to cap their free service at a mere 5 GB. As long as you need less than 5 GB of storage, Amazon and other clouds could be a decent answer…but who has less than 5 GB of photos these days? Professional photographers, amateur photographers, and enthusiastic moms and grandmas all need WAY more than 5 GB of storage. A young family with an SLR camera could easily max out a 5 GB limit on a weekend getaway!

Hmm, so maybe the Amazon Cloud Drive isn’t the best option after all. Polkast might be better.

Why Polkast is a Better Option.

First, Polkast has unlimited storage space. Yes, unlimited.

So people who are serious about photography should think about that before signing on with the Amazon Cloud Drive. Seriously, if you have more than 5 GB of files, why would you pay for any cloud service when Polkast will gives you access to unlimited storage…for free?

With the Amazon Cloud Drive, just 1000 GB of data (1 terabyte), would cost you $500 per year, for the rest of your life.

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That could really add up after a while. Maybe you can will it to your grandkids so they can keep the family photos when you are gone. Sounds like a good business model…no, a great business model…for Amazon. :) And the truth is that some of the other cloud platforms are even more expensive.

With Polkast, you could have over 1000 terabytes of data for generations to come, and it would still be free.

The second big differentiating point for Polkast is that we don’t require you to upload or sync your photos.

Oh ya, that’s a big deal. With cloud platforms like Amazon this can take forever…upload….wait….sync…wait. No more. Polkast gives you instant access to all of your photos on all of your devices, without having to upload or sync. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s true. Whether you’re a photo junkie who’s sick of waiting, or a photographer with demanding clients, or maybe you just have severe ADD…you will love managing photos with Polkast.

Why Photographers Love Us.

Much like the Amazon Cloud Drive, our current Polkast product allows photographers to edit, archive, and share photos across all of their devices. We provide our users with advanced editing functionality, iPhoto integration, and a snazzy interface. But here’s the genius part. With Polkast, we are able to utilize the existing storage on your computer and share files securely via wifi, which bypasses the need for a cloud. It’s the next generation of storage without unnecessary

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space limitations and security issues. What more could you want?

Look at what some of our photographer clients have to say!

Why Peter Nixey Will Love Us.

Specifically, to answer Peter Nixey’s well-articulated request, here is what Polkast can do for photographers:

  1. You have one photo library and many devices have access to it. Users can edit, organize, and delete photos on any device and see the same changes on all other devices. There is no master/slave setup – just straight file access.

  2. You get unlimited space (on your own drive) for all of your photos, videos, and other files. You also get the peace of mind that you’ve got your memories safe-guarded.

  3. You don’t need photostreaming, you can grab all of your pictures directly from the albums in your library.

  4. You can buy a wireless SLR and simply connect it as a new source to your photo library, no problem. Polkast can be made available to all camera developers and photos can be stored directly on your computer, with iPhoto or without.

  5. You can edit, save, and share your pictures direct from ‘the loo’, the taxi, the plane, the couch, or anywhere you want to be.

  6. You are fully integrated with iPhoto so you don’t lose anything in translation.

Sounds pretty good, huh?

Here’s why: Our founder, Hong Bui, is a former Apple and Amazon exec and a certified genius when it come to this sort of thing. He has spent his career building innovative technologies that focus on simplicity, usability, and security. Now Hong is showcasing the best of his knowledge with Polkast.

The best is yet to come.

Learn more at polkast.com and follow us on facebook and linkedin.

  1. Very insightful. Great read.

  2. Great job done, Mr. Hong!

  3. im still trying to find out how to play continuos albums instead of having to click and play each track> Any clues anyone?

    • Thank you so much for your question Bill! Glad to hear you are using our product. Would you please clarify if you are using Polkast Music or the Polkast app? Please send your response to support@polkast.com and we will gladly have a member of our support staff personally help you resolve your issue. Thanks again for using Polkast.

    • Please try our latest IOS version.

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