On-premises security with cloud mobility ™

Go Pro

Connect to multiple computers, share folders and more!

Go Pro through mobile billing or pay online with Paypal

Learn More could take users to our Pro features page (the comparison chart!)… this may be a problem as we don’t have one yet, especially since the

new pro features is only launched initially for Japan.

* change 1 month to $5.99 so there’s more savings?

create a URL on polkast.com for the go pro/ paypal upsell.


  1. Hello,
    In my polkast application i have one folder shared with me.
    I whant to have acces to this folder to my local hard drive D to edit it, not in application. (aplication work in background-like google drive).

    • Hi, We could not read the rest of your comment… please send a note to support or feedback, so we could assist you promptly and directly.

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