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A Reference Library at Your Fingertips!
Previously we weren’t able to use iPads to their full potential in the field, because of storage limits and security concerns of transferring NDA-protected data through the Cloud. With Polkast, our sales team can securely access, download and cache the entire Legacy Applications Data Library, plus both receive/upload the latest updates on active projects. All P2P, while on-the-go, from anywhere.

- Michael Garon, Technical Sales Director (USA), The OEM Advantage Group

Vital Link to the Office
With a small business that sells and supports equiment all over the country we have many brochures, price lists and quote models. We are always on the road visiting customers and needed a way to keep everything in one place where the company could access them anytime anywhere. Polkast and Zyxel NAS storage is the answer! Now we don’t have to bring our laptops or call into the office for a spec sheet. We can just use Polkast on our phones or tablets and give the information to the customer on the spot. Polkast really simplified our lives by providing us with an easy and secure link to our office base.

– Mihai Jipa, Mark Dimension Technologies


Information When You Need It
Access and security are the center of a medical practice. I have more than one office that patients can visit Polkast allows me to access my information from home or either office so I always have the data I need in.

– Dr. Fernando García-Rojas Rivera


Student Access
I teach photojournalism and love telling my students about Polkast access, especially to their images. I can see a large demand for such in their futures and their future workflows. I also see great potential for faculty in other areas and for IT in general.

– Eric Gorder, University of Arkansas



Client Images Always Available
I produce millions of images, and I don’t have time to sort and then download a limited number of images to my tablet. With Polkast, I spend zero time worrying about having the right content to show my clients.

– Linda Tran, Linda Tran Photography

World Travel.  No Problem.
When I travel, I can’t take all my files (around 15TB). Often while I am away, my client will contact me. It’s important for me to be able to access my photos on my computers, to send to them in high resolution. Recently I was in Iran, and it was impossible to access my website on PhotoShelter, but I could get access to my computer through Polkast without any problem.

– Michel Seboun, Michel Setboun Photography


Working and Playing
I have Polkast set up on a NAS drive on my home network. I am a self-employed graphic designer, so it’s great for me when I am away from my home office, as I can access files and collaborate on jobs with ease. Just like now, I am away snowboarding, and passing files remotely is a great help. And away from work I can listen to my tunes whilst I am trying to play chef in the kitchen. Polkast is the perfect partner for my on and offline life, and it is so simple to use.

– Danny Yates, Fusion Design, Snowboarder, Budding Chef


Secure Remote Access
Polkast has enabled me to finally shut down my exchange server and yet still access my work files remotely! As a small business owner, I had always found the need to enable remote access to my business files while working from home or from a hotel.  Maintaining an exchange server seemed to be the only satisfactory solution to my remote access needs.  As the years went by, maintaining an exchange server became more and more time-consuming and expensive, and moving my mail and files to the cloud became an attractive option, but I could never justify the security risk of trusting my confidential work files to a cloud provider.  Polkast rode to the rescue!  After trying it out, I found that I could easily access my work files from home and from my laptop, without any security risk whatsoever. I soon shut down my exchange server, saving me an immense amount of trouble and cost.  I am a huge fan of Polkast!

– Kevin M. Maloney

Saves Time
My husband and I run a scrap business, and we often find a vehicle or piece of equipment to resell. It saves so much time to have my husband snap a picture on his phone, and before he is even back home, I can post an ad listing the product for sale. It has saved so much time! While my husband is on our laptop, I can pull up a photo from our computer and edit our family photos, which is one of our favorite hobbies. It is so nice to have access to my photos whenever I have time instead of having to wait around for when the laptop is free! I love Polkast!

– Adria Eversull

Always Prepared
I am a computer repair tech with my own business.  I use Polkast to access tools, documents and programs on my home PC while I am at work or on-site with customers.   Polkast gives me the files I need, saves space on my phone and I can also access personal files too!

– Bruce Anthony


Extend Storage. Endless Access.
Before Polkast, I was always running out of space on my iphone and had to spend time deciding what I could keep and what I could remove from the phone.  The problem is that I would end up putting the same stuff back onto my phone it was constant merry go round that was extremely frustrating.
I purchased a NAS drive that allows Polkast to be installed and removed the need to spend hours transferring media to and from my phone.  Now I can access my media through Polkast pretty much anywhere. I always have the right music on hand when I need it, and I can watch movies wherever I am logged onto a WiFi network.  I love my personal cloud.

– David Wellington

Music Everywhere
I use Polkast every day! I have a fairly large collection of music on my NAS, which has the Polkast homebase installed. I listen to the music from my phone (plugged into the truck stereo) on the way to and from work. At work I listen to my music almost all day. While I’m out camping in the RV, I use either my phone plugged into the onboard stereo or via headset on my tablet. Having Polkast has eliminated the need for add-on SD cards entirely! No more syncing the SD cards with my music when I get something new. I simply add the songs to my NAS and enjoy the music wherever I go! It has saved me a lot of time and energy not having to copy the music to all my devices.

– Mike Fitzgerald


Multiple Devices. One House.
We scrapbookers come with tons of baggage and gadgets. The piles of stuff quickly take over and before you know it, you have stuff all over the house, and you need it ALL.
I turned my formal living room and dining room into a craft room, but still I don’t have enough space, so my computer and electronic cutter are in the bedroom upstairs — the furthest point from the craft room. You can’t imagine how many trips to the bedroom you need to make while trying to complete a project. After a few trips you end up frustrated and fed up with the ordeal and that defeats the purpose of having a hobby.
When I discovered Polkast it was the answer to my prayers! Now I can be in my craft room and with my iPad I can drill into the pictures that are in another room, create my layouts and print them whenever I’m ready to finalize my page. This tool has made my hobby more enjoyable and will highly recommend it to anyone trying to manage access to multiple electronic devices.

– Eydie Thurston


Kids’ Tablets. No Worries.
Polkast is how I make it possible for my kids to really utilize their tablets. The tablets are not the top-of-the-line, but they can run Polkast and then I can stream video and audio from my home server directly to them. No worries about SD cards disappearing, files getting erased on the tablets, etc. It just works.

– David J. Ellingson

No More Melt Downs!
We love Polkast. My 7-year old son has Asperger’s Syndrome, and any change in routine can cause a huge melt down. Polkast has helped us with this. My husband’s computer is our server computer, all our other devices are linked to it. With Polkast, if I forget to transfer a book or movie to one of the mobile devices, I can grab it on the go. Since the tablet has limited space, Polkast is a life saver. Now my son can just stream his audio books when we are in the car or at a friend’s. If he wants to watch a movie that was not already on the tablet or cell, we stream it. No more melt downs!

– Tiffany Henderson