On-premises security with cloud mobility ™



Einstein gives you the freedom to access company servers, right from your phone and tablet.
And let’s face it,with all that brainpower at your fingertips, anything is possible.


Team Collaboration

Access servers across distributed offices and allow remote teams to collaborate as if they’re in the same room. One virtual location for all files — accessible from home, work, overseas, or in transit. Users can download a file, made edits, create subfolders, and upload new files to the group.


Simple Direct Access

Einstein connects mobile devices to your server. No need for a ‘middleman’ cloud…you get direct access to the information you need, when you need it. Users can view all of their files, and when they want to retrieve something, it is sent to the device. It’s like taking your server with you (but much more convenient).


A ‘No Brainer’ for IT

Files are stored on-premises. Legacy systems can be utilized. Users and devices are pre-approved. Data is shared with permissions. File access is traceable. Transfers are encrypted. All data, even meta-data, stays on the device. Devices can be wiped remotely. And it only takes only two minutes to set up. Einstein is an easy win. Done.


On-Premises Cloud

Choosing between a Cloud or On-Premesis solution? No need to choose when Einstein delivers the best of both worlds! You get all the mobility, simplicity, and cost benefits of a cloud solution. And you get all the security, control, and long-term savings of an on-premises solution. Polkast is an “on-premises cloud” that is the answer to your prayers.


With Polkast, our sales team can securely access, download and cache the entire Legacy Applications Data Library, plus both receive/upload the latest updates on active projects. All P2P, while on-the-go, from anywhere.

- Michael Garon, Technical Sales Director (USA), The OEM Advantage Group


On-Premises Security, With Cloud Mobility ™

Full Control. Einstein is a private cloud with the security of on-premises file storage. All files stay on your own server so that systems and data can be controlled by IT and managed by the department.

No Internet Exposure. Files are never uploaded to the internet and never saved in Polkast. They stay right on your own server. With Einstein, you keep control over your content, every step of the way.

Save in Storage Fees. By utilizing the existing storage on your server, Einstein allows you to take advantage of the significant investment already made in hardware, without having to pay for additional storage packages on a cloud.

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Two-Minute Setup

Easy as Pie. Everything should be this simple!  Getting Einstein set up for you and your team takes minutes, not hours. And it’s so easy-to-use, that you don’t even need an IT department to get things rolling!

Secure Sharing.  Just download the software onto your server and select which files to share.  Then invite users to join, approve their devices, and you’re ready to go. It’s fast, easy, and completely secure.

Mobile Access. When you and your team download Einstein onto your mobile devices, you will have instant access to the whole server from your phone and tablet.

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File Virtualization

The Big Advantage. Einstein’s file virtualization system gives you have a virtual snapshot of all files on your company servers. You can see everything right from your mobile device. And all of those files are accessible with the click of a button!

Better than Syncing. It’s faster and more robust than clouds and services that rely on file syncing. With those guys, you can only access files that have been synced or uploaded. With Einstein, you can access all of your files…ALL of them…without having to sync or upload anything.

Flexible Security Footprint.  Syncing requires you to sync files from everywhere, which exposes your security footprint in multiple locations. Einstein gives you a single file source, so there is a single security policy that is made visible from multiple places.

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Centralized Control

Full Oversight. Einstein empowers IT will full oversight of how and when company information is being used. It’s a virtual control tower that let’s you manage the distribution and access of all business content.

Centralized Dashboard. As an IT admin, you will love Einstein’s centralized dashboard that lets you manage the lifecycle of company files.  You will see who accessed which files, when they were accessed, and on which device.

One Stop Shop. You can use this same dashboard to add and delete users, manage user permissions, remove devices from the system, and wipe devices clean of company data.

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Access and security are the center of a medical practice. I have more than one office that patients can visit. Polkast allows me to access my information from home or either office so I always have the data when I need it.

- Dr. Fernando García-Rojas Rivera

Remote Wipe Capabilities

Security Threats. Remote wipe is a security feature that allows IT admins to identify a potential security threat and to wipe the at-risk device clean of company data.

Terminated Employees. What happens when an employee leaves the company? Einstein allows you to remove a user from the system, and to delete company content from all devices associated with that user.

Lost or Stolen Devices. What if you leave your iPad on the plane? Einstein allows you to remove select devices from the system and to remotely clear them of all data.

Selective Wipe. You can delete data in certain folders or remove all Polkasted files from the device completely. Just visit the Dashboard, select the device, and WIPE!

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Legacy Systems

What’s Old is New. You have old hardware and devices, so put them to work for you! Einstein lets you turn your NAS device or Windows XP server into a fully functioning private cloud that your whole team can use.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Why pay a fortune for cloud storage or a new system? Reduce waste and use the storage you already have on your current servers. Your team and your wallet will thank you.

Return on Investment. You’ve already made a huge investment in IT infrastructure, so why change course? Einstein lets you take advantage of the investment you have already made in servers and computers.We just give you access to it.

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Complete Traceability

Live Feed. Polkast provides a live-feed of all activities related to your data. You can visit the dashboard and instantly see which files were accessed at any given time.

Irrefutable Data. Polkast is a private network so the file tracking system irrefutable. We keep an accurate log of all account access and sharing activities, so you know where your information is at all times.

Downloadable Activity Logs. Save a copy of your activity log that shows the full lifecyle of all corporate files and all users.

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Advanced Permissions for Shared Data

Share Securely.  Some files are more confidential than others and you don’t want everyone seeing everything. It makes sense to have different permissions and access rights for different types of files.

Individual Settings.  Every time a file or folder is shared, the user must assign one of three access levels. They can identify one of the following:

  • Viewer.  A viewer can download the file to their device for viewing purposes.
  • Collaborator. A collaborator can download and upload new content to the group in a specified folder or server.
  • Manager.  Managers have full access to all content and are capable of downloading, uploading, sharing, and adding additional users to Polkast.
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Polkast is bringing to the table something that nobody has…It works across legacy systems seamlessly.

- Mike Allison, Head of Global IT, Hewlett Packard




Polkast gives you centralized control over business content and a way to manage BYOD, and it’s the easiest way to increase sales productivity! With Polkast, your sales team will have access all of the latest spec sheets, client files, and more – from wherever they are!

“Previously we weren’t able to use iPads to their full potential in the field, because of storage limits and security concerns of transferring NDA-protected data through the Cloud. With Polkast, our sales team can securely access, download and cache the entire Legacy Applications Data Library, plus both receive/upload the latest updates on active projects. All P2P, while on-the-go, from anywhere.”

-Michael Garon, Technical Sales Director (USA), The OEM Advantage Group

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The healthcare and medical fields require a high level of control over patient files. Polkast provides complete compliance, while allowing enhanced collaboration among medical professionals, patients, and staff. It is also a fantastic solution for organizations with multiple offices who need to access the same files.

“Access and security are the center of a medical practice. I have more than one office that patients can visit Polkast allows me to access my information from home or either office so I always have the data I need in.”

-Dr. Fernando Garcias-Rojas Rivera

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Whether you work with K-12 or Higher Education, Polkast is a comprehensive solution for the classroom.  Students can access, share, and collaborate on class projects;  Professors can access and share research data without exposing confidential information; and Admins can audit, monitor, and control access to all data.

“I teach photojournalism and love telling my students about Polkast access, especially to their images. I can see a large demand for such in their futures and their future workflows. I also see great potential for faculty in other areas and for IT in general.”

-Eric Gorder, University of Arkansas

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Legal Services

Attorneys work with highly privileged information and exposure could be detrimental – not only for their business but for their clients, as well. Polkast allows you to keep all client data secure on your own server, while still enabling full mobile access and private sharing.

“My firm works with highly confidential client data, and I can’t risk saving this information on the cloud. I use Polkast because it’s the most secure solution I have found to date. Polkast allows us to keep all of our files saved on our own server, and all of my employees can access the same set of files from all of their devices. It’s been a great solution for us and very easy to use. I recommend Polkast to attorneys and other professions that require security and mobile access.”

– Jeremy Boreman, ESQ


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Graphic Designers

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign…big files are inevitable when it comes to marketing and design!  With Polkast, you can keep all iterations of all files stored on your existing server, and allow your clients to access the files where they live.  No more costly storage fees on Dropbox or SugarSync. Just keep files where they are…and access or share from anywhere.

“I have Polkast set up on a NAS drive on my home network. I am a self-employed graphic designer, so it’s great for me when I am away from my home office, as I can access files and collaborate on jobs with ease. Just like now, I am away snowboarding, and passing files remotely is a great help. And away from work I can listen to my tunes whilst I am trying to play chef in the kitchen. Polkast is the perfect partner for my on and offline life, and it is so simple to use.”

– Danny Yates, Fusion Design, Snowboarder, Budding Chef

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Spend more time on your images and less time on the logistics. Polkast makes organizing and sharing your pictures a whole lot easier!  Instead of uploading and syncing certain images to the cloud (and spending big bucks on storage fees), you can keep all of your images exactly where they are on your server.  Access your entire image library from your tablet or phone, and give your clients access to view their images directly, without ever having to use a cloud.

“I produce millions of images, and I don’t have time to sort and then download a limited number of images to my tablet. With Polkast, I spend zero time worrying about having the right content to show my clients.”

– Linda Tran, Linda Tran Photography

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Don’t change what you’re doing – that’s the best part about Polkast. You still have all your stuff, you still own it, and then Polkast comes in and extends the reach of your content so you have more options. It gives you the freedom to store, access, and share everything, without disrupting current operations or messing with your security framework. The convenient manner in which you can enable your users while maintaining the integrity of your architecture is very appealing!

- Timothy Joyce, CTO, iNETWORKS Group