On-premises security with cloud mobility ™

Polkast Pro

Polkast Pro

Small businesses and workgroups are using Polkast Pro to share and collaborate on projects. Team members get real-time access to the most current project files, whether they are down the hall or traveling overseas. And small businesses get enterprise-level security features, without needing an IT department!

Project Collaboration

Polkast creates a streamlined workspace for you and your team. One centralized location for all of your files — instantly accessible from home, work, overseas, or in transit. Teams can maximize productivity with shared project folders and subfolders that keep everyone working toward a common goal. Permissioned users can download a file, made edits, create new subfolders, and upload new files to the group. With Polkast, team collaboration is so seamless that it feels like you are working on the same computer! What’s more productive than that?

Mobile Content Management For Small Businesses

Why should big companies keep their files secure while the little guys are left vulnerable? Polkast delivers 100% lock-down, enterprise-level security that small businesses can afford. The very nature of Polkast’s technology is more secure than any cloud service. Files reside on your computer where they belong, and your complete index of folders is simply visible from your mobile device. Nothing leaves the premises, until you want it to.

Key Features

  • Permission-based file sharing lets you manage user access with individually-assigned access rights
  • PC-to-PC Access enables on-demand access to all of your files from other computers (Windows only)
  • Extend the functionality of your mobile devices work freely and securely with your group.
  • Share folders from where they live on your computer, directly to your team members.
  • Extend the capacity of your mobile with smart caching and cache a whole folder for offline viewing.